Web Text Scraping

It looks like every word seen on computer screen can be copied to clipboard and pasted into word processing application or text editor. But there is always something that cannot be highlighted with mouse or keyboard, and thus cannot be copied, saved or printed. Such properties or objects include Windows dialog box, error message box, splash screen, Flash animation, graphical image or picture, status bar, buttons, web pages protected by JavaScript, protected documents especially PDF and other components with text elements that just cannot be copied and pasted.

Just imagine if you have to type each and every single characters of an lengthy error message that cannot be copied to email to the helpdesk, or to archive in documentation. Not only is the process time wasting, but also subject to typo mistake. This is where screen capture software with OCR function which able to 'read' the text on screen will come in handy. Screen capture OCR program lets users extract and copy text from any application anywhere on the screen, including area or part that cannot be highlighted to copy and paste, or application interface and website that has disabled right click.

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The world inevitably moves towards new digital era. Information interchange is becoming the cornerstone of modern life. That is exactly why so many businesses turn their heads towards software development and information processing, today. Indeed, the balanced business model built around the latest technologies may become a true lump of gold if everything is planned well!

These days, small development companies have tremendous growth potential. Successful managers know establishing efficient and convenient development and technical support environments are the essential steps towards winning the race. In many cases, productivity can be increased greatly by installing software that automates routine tasks or makes developer's life easier in a way.

Introducing web text scraping, an innovative tool for software developers and support officers that makes accomplishing common tasks real easy thanks to new ground-breaking approach!

It combines the power of instant optical character recognition (OCR) module with extensive text and graphics formats support making up a perfect tool for converting messages displayed using any technique to either plain text or rich text format. Besides that, web text scraper handles graphical elements correctly, making it possible to use the application as a window contents grabber as well.

From now on, message boxes and dialogs text, custom windows text or images are not a problem to edit and process. All you have to do is click the TaskTray icon to turn your common cursor into magic cursor that can be used to click anywhere on the screen and get the windows contents copied to your clipboard in any format you prefer.

This tool is a must-have for developers and support officers as it allows saving time greatly. According to multiple reports, text web scraping tool saves up to 30% of time on routine development cycle operations and up to 50% on technical support activities! So, go ahead and download FREE trial version today!

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